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In a recent study conducted by University of New Mexico researchers, the study revealed that for a woman to be fully satisfied by a man, majority of women prefer the man's penis size to be at least 8 inches long and a bit over 5 inches in girth.

Well, most men don't meet that criteria, and that's what further research with African herbs alternatives has helped to correct.

"Bigger dong size has nothing to do with personality, whether you are short or tall, slim or fat. It’s all due to something much more simple, that can be easily fixed".

Research has proven it - that for a man's penis to grow, all it requires is essential growth nutrients, in the right sense.

Before you read on, let's get straight to the very reason why you are here. It's about the safest guaranteed breakthrough solution for men who want to grow some healthy inches in length and girth for their ding-dong. For men who want to regain super erections, boost libido, enrich their sperm load, fertility & sex life.

And it's about my discovery and use of Somba / Batammariba herbs (super potent natural herbs from Africa region) for significant noticeable penis enlargement and longevity.

Courtesy demands I Introduce Myself:

My name's Dr. Stevenson P, 57 years and I am an Urologist with expertise in the area of Male infertility, Vasectomy Reversal, Male genital surgery and Erectile dysfunction. I am also an expert on nutrition and hormone balancing for men. I also hold the position of the vice president of Global Medicals Research Foundation Australia. And so please listen to me on this very important and critical subject. This will help you avoid deadly mistakes associated with male enhancement surgery, pumps or stretchers and junk pills out there in the marketplace.

I have medically carried out surgery for hundreds of men in Sydney Australia for those who at one point of their life required extra length and girth in their penis.

Frankly speaking, as I speak to you this very moment, I have successfully done 374 penile surgery for penis enlargement since 2012. And while I can call the outcomes successful for most of it, I can't recommend it because it's totally risky, and carries certain long term issues.

So also, I can't recommend any pump or stretchers or junk pills or creams or formulas out there, because these are simply time wasters, and don't work.

Complications from surgery, pumps or any of those junk pills, creams or formulas may include: swelling, infections, abscesses or nodules beneath the skin, penile shortening, gangrene, & erectile dysfunction (ED), among others. And where corrective surgery is made in such cases, where complications arise, the patient may never have a “completely normal ding-dong” afterward. I talk from a great wealth of experience handling cases as these on regular basis.

Here's my advice on the matter of male enhancement: Since I have counselled and treated hundreds of men on matters of penis size and enlargement, rather than risking the potentially detrimental complications of surgery, men with unsatisfied sizes and anatomy can go for less risky alternatives. African herbs have been discovered to help significantly, and carrying out further medical research on the subject, we found Batammariba herbs for penis enlargement to be actually the perfect ding-dong growth alternative that's zero percent risky.

I have since stopped doing penile surgery for enlargement and only talk to patients about this Batammariba herbs among other healthy alternative. ➡The only drawback to this, is that I no longer make the kind of big money I charge for every surgery. Nonetheless, I am living better and happier, doing what's right and safer for men.

Let's now talk in details about Batammariba herbs, how I discovered it in January 2020 through one of my patients, its origin, how I have successfully used it personally and for thousands of other men across the globe since March 2020, also where it can be found and how you can even have it in your hand today, whether you are in the U.S, Australia, U.K, or any part of the world.

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Time for Discovery

Back to the main subject of Batammariba herbs!

There's a tribe in Africa referred to as the Somba or Batammariba tribe. The men of this tribe are known for their popular penis elongation and male enhancement rituals. There are various articles online that cover on this tribes men and the popular Batammariba ritual. I would like for you to read more about this here ➡

And when done reading, please return to this page to find out below how I stumbled on this groundbreaking male enhancement alternative portion and how you can use it to your benefits and general well-being.

Here's exactly how I encountered it:

In November 2019, one of my patients visited my office and asked to get his penis enlarged. We talked for about 45 minutes, advising him the pros and cons of getting a surgery.

He was strikingly good looking but from our discussion, I saw he wasn't happy at all about his small size 4.6 inches ding dong. I booked him for an appointment for a week later in November, but he didn't show up.

Well since I didn't see him, I forgot about him!

In January 2020, this young man walks back into my office smiling wide and proud. 

We got drinking on coffee and biscuits and talking extensively on the subject of penis enlargement. 

The young man I was advising months ago, became my adviser that day… 

He showed me his ding dong, and there it was, a brand new bigger sized dong from what I saw last time he visited. 

He was now measuring 7.4 inches in length and really thicker.

It was longer, fuller and attractive. And then I knew the reason why he was full of smiles and pride that day. 

He opened up to me about how when he left my office in November, he met a friend who introduced him to African herbs from Batammariba.

He told me he invested in taking Savage Grow Plus which was made strictly with these African herbs. 

According to him it took him between November 2019 and January 2020 to grow the new inches. 

Now to be sincere, I have never heard anything about such male enhancement breakthrough since my medical years, and I became curious. 

So I asked him to bring me the bottle of Savage Grow Plus so I could dig deeper on its composition. 

I take it to the lab and I find it’s completely nontoxic and healthy to take. 

Still on my curious state, I decided to try it out myself. 

I take the capsules for a few weeks, and I notice some new energy and harder erections on my dong. I also discovered I had added 1.2 extra inches to my 7.1 inch natural dong, that’s a new 8.3 inch. I asked for more bottles, and by the time I was done through with it, I am standing proudly with a 8.92 inch long and 5.63 circumference dong. I also noticed my sperm looks more enriched and I last more in sex. 

Again, in my years of medical practice, I have never seen anything so naturally effective that worked like that for male enhancement. 

On assessment, I found Savage Grow Plus was effective for boosting libido, stopping erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation, and great for boosting Hard Rock erections. 

At 57 years of age, I feel stronger and bigger and healthier in that area now, much more that I had been in my teen and adulthood stages. 

My wife has always shown satisfaction with my then 7.1 inch dong. 

However, I discovered that with my new status, she loves it truly that bigger, stronger, and she actually can’t contain her excitement every time she beholds it. 

She said to me that she prefers this bigger, thicker dong and that it hit areas inside her that she NEVER knew were even there.

You see… women will tell you how your little or average penis is good enough for her or that size really isn’t a problem.


The sad truth is, she has a secret.


A secret that only her best girly friends know.


You’re too small or average for her and she’s not getting what she needs in bed.


Now if she has self discipline and control, she will love you for who you are and never consider cheating.


BUT… for some women… that inner urge to satisfy that craving is too much and she just can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to find a guy that could give her what she needs.

I have since been recommending this new found male enhancement breakthrough to men all over the globe. I speak about it in meetings and seminars, and whenever a patient walks into my office for penis enlargement, I simply discourage surgery and recommend Savage Grow Plus. 

I am also proud to say the medical research team at Global Medicals Research Foundation have fully accepted and endorsed this new found remedy for men in this area. 

My recommendation on the use of African herbs as effective alternative for male enhancement is based on solid research, scientific, and personal experience…

So whatever your dong size may be, if you are keen on safely enhancing its growth and performance, I recommend trying out Savage Grow Plus

You can now completely restore daily morning wood and frequent, full hard-ons and stamina!

This unlocks the secret of natural enlargement, that Batammariba tribesmen had been using unknowingly for years to get members so big and strong, they would have orgies lasting days.

Somba / Batammariba tribesmen 


What you’re going to learn in the video is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

You’ll discover how you too can easily increase the length and girth of your dong with some noticeable inches, like thousands of men before you!

The answers revealed will also change everything you think is TRUE about your manhood.

You see… the only reason most uneducated doctors think a small dong is something normal is because this is so common in the West.

But while it may be common as noted, in NO WAY is it natural, as you will soon discover in the video above…


There are 14 Potent herbs that make up active ingredients in Savage Grow Plus.

Savage Grow Plus capsules is produced by a company that is both FDA approved and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified.

And with its potent mixture of carefully selected herb ingredients, this is the only one of its kind in the whole world.

Each ingredient was carefully selected for its potent penis enhancement properties.

Savage Grow Plus is produced in the U.S, in a FDA approved and GMP certified facility, under extremely strict, sterile, & precise conditions.

All of its capsules are 100% safe for consumption and has no negative side effects.

It has no stimulants or toxins and isn’t habit or tolerance forming.

As soon as you consume the first capsule of Savage Grow Plus, your body immediately starts absorbing the rich natural potent nutrient.

And as you go on, this will restart the cellular growth of your penis.

A bottle of it cost $69.

I recommend taking 4 bottles of this. 

When you order for the entire 4 at once, it is discounted – that’s to say you will be getting it at $49 each, helping you save more. 

Guaranteed Penis Increase in 120 Days or Less, or We Refund Your Money 100% Back For Wasting Your Time… 

Get the Most Reliable – America’s Best Male Enhancement Deal, Delivered to You Discreetly.

To start using this, 

you can securely order online for Savage Grow Plus by CLICKING the button below. Every Order is securely processed and shipped by BUYGOODS Inc. U.S.A. 


Recommended Dosage:

You are to take two power capsules daily, right after breakfast or lunch or dinner, with a glass of room temperature water, for at least 30 days.

Note: I am a certified distributing partner with the producer of Savage Grow Plus and thus you are 100% Guaranteed when you order on this website.

AVOID BUYING FAKE Savage Grow Plus product out there as we have recently discovered some companies faking it and even selling on popular online stores. The original manufacturer is doing its best to arrest the situation.

Further Note: About 98% of patients I have administered this to have had positive results with respect to increase in size, longevity and harder erections. Note that as humans, we all have different body systems, and so one person may experience more inches in growth than another. There's another 2% observed from those I have administered this to - who didn't experience more than 1 inch growth. One thing is sure, and that is, it stopped premature ejaculation for those suffering from it, and made all - last very long and with Hard Rock erections and stamina. My desire is that it helps you grow, become stronger, and a happier proud man down there in your pants and be duly worshipped in the room. This will help every man dominate in sex, and that's what every woman wants.


Harold Johnson:
I wasted so much money on penis enlargement creams and pumps until I discovered Savage G P. I am forever grateful to Dr. Stevenson for introducing this to me. Am now the Lord of ladies.

Mark Hibbert:
Have always suspected African herbs or foods was the secret behind black mens huge cock size, LOL. I searched for this for long and when I met Stevenson, I found it. Am now huge and strong, I could be a porn star if I wanted with my new 9 inch super thick dick. The capsules work like magic.

Feli Maltida S:
I ordered Savage Grow Plus for my boyfriend for one reason and that's because I love him dearly and desire to spend the rest of my life with him and without having to cheat on him. He suffered premature ejaculation and was a bit small in size. He has grown much bigger and no longer suffers premature E since taking SGP. This is the best decision I made not just for him but for us.

DISCOVER the 14 HERBS that make up SAVAGE GROW PLUS and the exploration in the Somba / Batammariba village with the tribesmen that led to its production.

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